Karel Malich

1924 — 2019

The doyen and classic of contemporary Czech art Karel Malich, born in 1924 in Holice, is one of the artists without whom Czech art of the last sixty years would have lost its brilliance. At the turn of the 1950s and 1960s, he completely reconsidered his empathetic love for the landscape, especially for the area of the gentle hills around his native Holice. The result was a completely different, new form of Czech landscape painting. The abstract form of Malich's works was a synthesis of draughtsmanship, colour sensitivity and the ability to let the atmosphere, light and configuration of what he saw permeate his work. Later, he "constructed" distinctive reliefs that touched on geomeric tendencies and minimalism, and eventually arrived at unique wire sculptures and a multitude of remarkable coloured pastels, filled with an enchanting testimony to visions seen and felt. His work is represented in many Czech and international collections. Malich's exhibition at the Prague Castle Riding Hall in 2013 became a sensation in the cultural life of the metropolis.