Liu Ruowang


Born in 1977 in Shaanxi province. After completing his graduation program study in CAFA (China Central Academy of Fine Arts) in 2005, he received recognition from many institutions and his works were then represented in private, public and corporate collections around the world. His works are deeply rooted in Chinese cultural and historical context (eg. The East is Red, People Series, Melody or Original Sin). His works include sculptures and paintings. In 2011 and 2012, Liu's works were shown in the National Museum of China, China National Art Museum and other museums throughout China. In 2013 his works were exhibited at the South Korean Parliament for the purpose of cultural exchange. One of his sculpture installations, Wolves Coming, originally shown in Beijing's 798 Art District, was moved in 2012 to Queenstown in New Zealand, as part of Sir Michael Hill's private collection.