Luca Maggi

Luca Maggi

I live and work in Fiuggi where the "lunificio" is based.

After a start in the name of pure experimentation with materials and colors, I begin to get interested in the textures generated by exposure to sunlight on the paintings.

In the 90s I collaborated with the designer studio Giuseppe Martini. As a draftsman, I make and sell technical drawings for fabrics in America and Europe, this is where I begin to use the computer to draw.

In 2005 exhibition: "All the colors of the sacred void" at the "Slongia pub" in Fiuggi.

In 2009 collective exhibition: "Multimedia" at the "Workshop of Memory and Image" in Fiuggi.

From 2009 to 2012 I participated in the "Monument to chaos" and "Habitable Sculpture" workshops of master Piero Fantastichini from which I learned the concept of "Sign