Paolo Grassino


Paolo Grassino, (Turin 1967) lives and works in Turin, is a teacher of the sculpture school at the
Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo since 2016. With his works he offers a reflection on the drifts of
today's society, suspended on the ridge between natural and artificial , between precariousness
and mutation. His work is above all a research that fully recovers the sense of manual skill:
working with synthetic rubber, wood, polystyrene and wax but also with more advanced
techniques such as aluminum castings or cement casts, brings his sculptural works to a high
degree of spectacularity. Among the most prestigious exhibitions, the solo show at Casa Fiat de
Cultura in Belo Horizonte in Brazil (2017) and in the same year at The Parkview Museum in Beijing
and Singapore, while the personal exhibition "Magazzinoscuro" at the MAC in Lissone is from 2015
In 2013 a volume published by Skira is published which collects the most significant works from
1992 to 2012 and is presented on the occasion of the personal exhibition "Percorso in tre atti" in
the Milan spaces of the Luigi Pecci Contemporary Art Center. Also in 2013, the IIC of Madrid
dedicated a personal exhibition to him. Phillip Van den Bossche invites him to the 2012 edition of
Beaufort 04-Triennial of Contemporary Art by the Sea of Ostend. In 2011 Luca Massimo Barbero
dedicated a personal room to him at the MACRO in Rome and in the same year he participated in
the Fourth Moscow Biennial. In the same year, he took part in exhibitions in international public
museums such as the Frost Art Museum in Miami and the ETAGI Loft Project in St. Petersburg.