Riccardo Cordero

Riccardo Cordero


Riccardo Cordero was born in Alba, in the Northern Italian province of Cuneo, in 1942. After studying art at school, he graduated in Sculpture from the Accademy of Fine Arts. He taught at Turin´s First Artistic High School until 1984, and from there on he taught at the Accademia Albertina of Fine Arts in Turin, Bologna and Milan. In 1992 he was assigned the Chair of Sculpture at the Accademia Albertina of Fine Arts in Turin, where he was Head of Sculpture Department until 2000. Presently he is the President of the Associazione Piemontese Arte in Turin. Since 1960 he exhibited his works in most important national and international art shows . In 2016 he was commissioned by the City of Kluftern – Germany, to build the monumental sculpture in corten steel Energia Vitale and by the City of Haining – China, to make the big sculpture The wonderful tide in the new Sculpture Park, as winner of the Tide Competition.