Sculpture Line


Royal Beroun Golf Club

Na Veselou 909, 266 01 Beroun-Závodí

Feet out of the water

Kurt Gebauer *1941

"That swimmers and other floating ladies is a lifelong theme of mine is probably well known. Feet out of the water is a bit different. It's the above water visible part of the handstand, and that's usually the most joyful display of kids and girls in the water. Well, I'm gonna cut it sometime. Even the people who see it get a kick out of the fooling around, well, how do you find that joy even where the girls usually don't swim, or sometimes swim, but it's just a little too cold to do so? A statue will replace anything - dead poets, saints, and even criminals. So why shouldn't a monument have feet of water when they are a symbol of the most important thing we are here for, the joy of life?"


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