high-fired clay

"Works of art have had their place in gardens and parks since time immemorial. They can be a subtle accessory, an extravagant piece of jewellery, a guide, or they can be the central motif, the main reason why a garden space was created. A work of art and its placement in a garden can have a deeply personal meaning, or it can be the result of a meticulously thought-out architectural plan", Kateřina Pospíšilová, landscape architect about the work.

Alexandra Koláčková's works are recognizable at first sight, her handwriting is unmistakable. And yet, or maybe because of that, they run the narrative line of the space in so many different directions in the garden... They are an ornament, a climbing frame, the centre of the space, a surprise peeking out of the undergrowth, a bench... And that is what I personally really appreciate about Alexandra's work.

Most of the gardens are not just observed, the space is actively used - touching, sitting, lying, walking and rolling around is allowed, even welcomed. And so it is with Alexandra Koláčková's sculptures. Their rounded, simple and friendly shapes and often larger-than-life size directly invite us to climb them. That's a huge bonus for me as a landscape architect. A garden, and everything in it, should invite a visit, a beckoning finger to explore and discover. And in the case of Alexandra's sculptures, it's often not just a figure of speech, but an actual hand, or indeed a whole body, inviting you to sit, lie down, lean back ... whatever you want and whatever comes to mind. And your children, and the visitor, and their children.

Alexandra Koláčková is a graduate of the Faculty of Education in Olomouc. Her work is characterized by large-scale colourful sculptures made of ceramics and concrete, designed for public space. In a number of projects, however, the author has extended the spectrum of her artistic work to the solution of space itself, which brings her closer to the work of an architect or landscape designer. Her artistic approach is characterised by an expressive colour palette, simple rounded morphology and an undying sense of the playful element.

Alexandra Koláčková


Alexandra Koláčková is a graduate of fine arts at the Faculty of Pedagogics in Olomouc. A characteristic feature of her work are especially colourful, large-format ceramic and concrete sculptures, intended for public spaces. However, in many projects the author expanded the range of visual effects to deal with the space itself, mingling an artistic approach with the work of a landscape designer. Her artistic concept is typical of expressive range of colours, simple and rounded morphology and an abiding sense of playful elements.

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