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At ACO Academy, Am Friedrichsbrunnen, 24782 Büdelsdorf


Inga Aru *1964
painted steel

Two steel columns stand as guardians. Just a cut through the steel plate creates the positive and negative of the female silhouette and forms the soft contour for the vertical lines for the columns. Not always recognizable at first glance, but from different perspectives and in interaction with light and shadow within the object, the viewer becomes aware of the female figure.

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Büdelsdorf city entrance

24794 Büdelsdorf, Germany


Wolfgang Gramm
granite, Anroechter green stone, steel

Wolfgang Gramm’s sculpture "Gate" is part of his „Druid Stones“ series and is a landmark for the city of Büdelsdorf. The sculpture is placed on the traffic island in the city entrance and welcomes visitors who approach the city from the highway. Four tapered blocks from Anroechter green stone stand upright together, with narrow gaps. In the middle a halved granite boulder with a smoothly polished underside almost seems to float. The monumental sculpture is reminiscent of the millennium-old culture and tradition of the megalithic tombs.



Hollerstr./Brückenstr., 24782 Büdelsdorf

Opened Disk I–III

Xuxo Vázquez
painted steel

The "Opened Disk" series by Xuxo Vázquez is based on a circle. The artist divides the circular steel plate by straight cuts and connects all the resulting segments into a three-dimensional object. The colorful sculptures offer a new figure from every perspective and appeal with their clear aesthetics. The sculptures were created in the NordArt Symposia in 2013 and 2014.

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Hollerstraße / Ulmenstraße, 24782 Büdelsdorf, Germany


Inga Aru *1964
painted steel

"Muse of Industry": Born of the material of the industrial age, Inga Aru’s Muse emerges full of grace and elegance in numerous individual parts from a large-format steel plate and presents itself to the beholder as a three-dimensional abstract female figure in all its perfection. In the spirit of the epoch of its genesis, this modern muse has a standardization and seriality. It is the contemporary ap-pearance of a millennia-old inspirational awakener. (Almut Rix)

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Am Markt 1, 24782 Büdelsdorf, Germany


Søren West
Bornholm granite

The recurring theme for the sculptures by Søren West is the research of balance, combined with the desire to give the weighty stone dynamics and lightness. The artist works with the contrast between the organic broken angles of the stones and the shapes that he can add to the sculptures himself. The sculpture “Bosom Buddy” was exhibited at NordArt 2000 and purchased by the city of Büdelsdorf. Since then the sculpture has had a permanent location in front of the town hall.

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ACO Academy, Am Friedrichsbrunnen, 24782 Büdelsdorf, Germany


Percy Zorilla
painted steel

The reduced construction consists of welded steel plates, which are painted light yellow. The changing angles, overlays and the play of light and shadow offer surprising views and perspectives from all sides and from different distances. The sculpture was created in the NordArt Symposium and is standing in front of the ACO Academy in Büdelsdorf.

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Hüttenweg, 24782 Büdelsdorf, Germany


Liu Ruowang *1977

Liu Ruowang repeatedly deals with questions about the origin and provenance of mankind, its roots, the meaning of existence, and the related life task of each individual. His works symbolize a bridge between history and our current existence. Also "Original Sin" ask questions about the value and the meaningfulness of the vital origin, threatened by the achievements of civilization. Nevertheless, to perceive the beautiful, to consistently maintain hope and longing, and to strive for constant improvement in the course of the advancing civilization – this is what Liu Ruowang is calling for with his works. 36 ape-men were presented at NordArt 2016. Since then, the sculptures have been staged anew every year and are also shown in the collaborative exhibitions.

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