Sculpture Line


Monte Tamaro

Monte Tamaro, Ticino


Riccardo Cordero *1942
stainless steel

The world of Riccardo Cordero 

It is not easy to penetrate the meanders and communicative spirit of artistic creations, however attractive their message.

Paradoxically, it is often the silent and mysterious language of artistic works and their carefully chosen presentation that attract the uninitiated as well as specialists, the curious and art aficionados. This is precisely what happens with Riccardo Cordero thanks to the dozen monumental sculptures skillfully spread around the magnificent Monte Tamaro amphitheater.

«L’universo di Riccardo Cordero» (en. The world of Riccardo Cordero) is an exhibition that manifests a desire and a commitment to search for originality in sculpture, albeit monumental sculpture, in an environmental dimension. Cordero’s iron and steel sculptures consist of geometric shapes, the circle and the straight line, which intersect, collide, merge and draw unusual and fascinating paths in which the project and the unexpected, reason and instinct, memory and vision coexist. His works feature horizontal and vertical volumes that are real and ideal, in a perpetual evocation of a vacuum that breathes, pulsates, vibrates, mixed with the rough Piedmontese humus and with an underground austerity capable of guiding the artist in the strict formal layout devoid of superfluous detail in search of new expressive horizons beyond the dynamics of a traditional vision. A rare prerogative only granted to authentic artists.

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