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Basilika am Weizberg

Weizberg 13, 8160 Weiz, Austria


Walter Kratner

The memorial qualifies National Socialist crimes as genocide against Sinti and Roma, which was carried out with the same motive of racial madness, with the same intent and the same will of planned and final annihilation as against the Jews. The memorial on the Weizberg (2012) is a gesture to the victim generation. The design comes from Walter Kratner and shows the broken wheel axle of a freight wagon as a symbol of deportation and genocide. The theme of memory is supplemented by the “Porajmos” writing board. The term means "devouring" in the Sinti and Roma language and describes the National Socialist genocide of the European Roma, who are persecuted as "gypsies". The number of victims is unknown. According to different estimates, however, it has six digits for a wide range.

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