Tower for Jan Palach


The sculpture was first exhibited at Sculpture by the Sea as part of the
"Celebrating 30 years of freedom" in Sydney, Australia to commemorate thirty years of freedom in our country. The artist's idea to have the sculpture stand on the very edge of a cliff above the ocean with only the blue water and endless sky behind it came true. It so happened that the ocean and the sky were part of the statue and enhanced its mission.

After the exhibition, the organisers decided to transport the Tower for Jan Palach 4,000 km to Western Australia to Cottesloe Beach near Perth. There, the intention of the installation was made even more perfect by mounting the statue on a narrow stone promontory extending deep into the sea.
Now you can visit it on Janáček Embankment in Prague.
We would also like to thank Prague 5 - official website, Prague Embankments and Jan Palach Gymnasium Prague 1 for their cooperation.


Tower for Jan Palach