Wooden Cloud

Martin Steinert spent three weeks building his boat from wooden slats on the Smetana embankment. Passers-by could not only watch, but also write their wishes on the artwork.

We are very happy that the German sculptor Martin Steinert was not afraid to come to Prague to create his installation "Wooden Cloud". Until the end of August, you could see him at work on Smetana Embankment every day.
The sculpture was created with the help of Goethe-Institut Prag, Prague Patches and Petr Hozman, whom we would like to thank for their cooperation.

Wooden Cloud has so far stopped on its journey in 2016 in St. Petersburg, in 2017 in Berlin, in 2018 in Paris and in 2019 the fifth "Wooden Cloud" was created in Alistiqlal Park in Ramallah. Another cloud was created in the autumn in Tirana.


Wooden Cloud