Sculpture Line
Liberec 2020

Over the last few years, plenty of buildings representing modern architecture have been built in Liberec. Further construction of new buildings continues at a rapid pace, and thus we will be able to encounter unconventional architecture in the streets of Liberec even in the future.

Acting in the public space, sculptures and solitaires can enhance and enrich the place and offer new views of Liberec as well as the works of art, both to the inhabitants and visitors of the city. Come and walk round Liberec in the footsteps of the Sculpture Line. Set off through the “sculptural line” and enjoy this unique exhibition in Liberec and elsewhere.

Jaroslav Zámečník, mayor


Oblastní galerie Liberec

Oblastní galerie Liberec


Andrej Margoč *1977
epoxide, stainless steel pedestal

The statue comes from the Self-Portrait Transformation cycle. It is a profile line of my face which I am

not afraid to deform, rotate and thus create a new view of my appearance. The name of the sculpture
is Two because every man in the world tries to find himself and most often finds himself and can communicate with himself when seeing own appearance in the mirror. That is why I create mirror images of myself: to find myself through art and make it possible for others to go through this journey, to think and find themselves in this fast-paced time.

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