National Theatre´s Piazzetta

The National Theatre is a r epresentative building of the Czech Republic, built from national collections and opened for the first time in 1881 and the second time after a fire in 1883. The urban design of the surroundings of the National Theatre, its completion and the idea of a new theatre scene have been the topic of Czech architecture at least since 1918. The New Stage of the theatre originally started as multipurpose premises which were used for a small theatre scene, supplemented primarily by the size of the traditional three scenes of the National Theatre (in those days the National, Tyl and Smetana Theatres). It soon became the home scene of Laterna Magika. The piazzetta was designed in 1981 by Czech architect Karel Prager as part of the New Stage construction project. There is a view of the Dancing House across the piazzetta from the Národní Street. Looking at the façade of the New Stage, you can admire the mirroring historic façade of the National Theatre, which adds an unprecedented charm to the whole space. The area was renamed to Václav Havel Square in 2016, featuring a statue by Kurt Gebauer in the form of a large 160-cm high heart.