InterCora, Rondel

The Roudná neighbourhood on the left bank of the Mže River, which is connected by Roosevelt Bridge directly to the historic centre of the city, provides an unexpectedly peaceful and romantic atmosphere. Although the western side is almost adjacent to one of the busiest traffic routes in the city, time seems to have stood still in Roudná. The character of the neighbourhood is shaped by a mix of historic buildings including a typical farmhouse and classicist houses with mansard roofs and low-rise terraced houses. One of the oldest block of flats in Pilsen is also located here. The historic Church of All Saints, overlooking Roudná from the rocky promontory, was built even
before Pilsen was founded. Its peaceful existence was interrupted by devastating floods in 2002. Several houses collapsed, and the water flooded a nearby depart ment store and four-way traffic under a roundabout.