Kopeckého sady

The southern part of the orchard from the J. K. Tyl Theater to the West Bohemian Museum is formed by the Smetana and Kopeckého or chards. They were founded in the 19th century on the site of demolished medieval walls and served as gardens and ornamental alleys. The circular orchards gradually became a representative area of the city, facing the facades of important city buildings like the classicist library with its so-called Branka in the place of the original Litic Gate, the New Baroque hotel Slovan and the Art Nouveau Měšťanská beseda. Both parks are dominated by memorials of prominent personalities including the playwright J. Kajetán Tyl, the composer Bedřich Smetana and the well-known carpenter from Pilsen from the middle half of the 19th century, Martin Kopecký. The romantic atmosphere of the tall trees and ornamental flower beds is complemented by fountains, carrousels and an Art Nouveau meteorological kiosk.