Oblastní galerie Liberec

The origins of the gallery date back to the period after World War II, when it was necessary to find a solution for the collections of the North Bohemian Museum. The gallery was assigned to a building in the former Liebeg Palace in close proximity to the Liberec Chateau at the beginning of 1946. The gallery remained there until 2014, when it moved to the former town spa in Masarykova Street. The František Josef I municipal spa was founded in 1899–1902. The spa originally was used for hygienic purposes. The main pool was 20 x 10 meters. Until 1984, the former spa was the only indoor swimming pool in Liberec and from when it began to gradually
deteriorate. A revitalization project was prepared by the Sial Studio in 2009–2010. The project won the Czech Architects Grand Prix Award for the year 2013 and the adjacent new building of the depository received the main prize from the Klub Za starou Prahu in the same year as the best new building in an historical environment realized in the Czech Republic. The original swimming pool is covered with a glass ceiling/floor and the room is used as the main exhibition space. In some places the original painting with the inscriptions of the spa remained, and as you can see from the gallery, you can clearly imagine how the place looked before.