Smetanovy sady

Olomouc‘s oldest and largest park are the Smetana orchads. They were created on the western perimeter of the city in the forefront of the fortress. After the end of the war, the city planted a new 710-meter alley of trees in 1866. This avenue has become the basis of today‘s Park Smetana Parks. The southwestern part of the park was adjoined to the Smetana orchads after the cemeteries in that area were removed. The historical form of the landscape style preserved Smetana orchads, especially north of the alley. In the southwest part of Smetana‘s orchards, thematic gardens were created with the development of exhibition activities. These spaces were conceived as examples of contemporary gardening. The most important architectural monument of the park is a restaurant building, which was built as a spa pavilion. On the opposite side, we find a fountain with a fountain in the center of the promenade, followed by an imposing musical pavilion. The total area of today‘s Smetana Orchards is about 19 hectares.