Sculpture festival in public space Sculpture Line came up with a new platform for the "wintering" exhibited statues, called Winter Depot.

Sculptures are gathered from autumn to spring in specially selected locations. They are taken off their summer destinations and reinstalled in their wintering grounds in a different, rather "gallery" way. At Winter depot, they are protected from winter traps, but remain open to the general public. The Sculpture Line festival thus becomes a permanent year-round mode. In a new exposure context, in contact with other sculptures, they allow the viewer different "reading" of the exhibited art works comparing the places in the summer months. The spectator has a unique opportunity to see large sculptures thanks to Winter depot not only year round, but also in different conditions. The Winter depot extends the thinking about the meaning and way of installing statues around us, in our living space.


Winter depot Plzeňský Prazdroj

 Jan Dostál - Three

 Jakub Flejšar - Head of the horse

 Andrej Margoč - Greedy pig

 Petr Zubek - Meteorit

Winter depot Důl Michal

 Václav Fiala - Stump in the dark

 Jaroslav Chramosta - Sharkfin

 Antonín Kašpar - Tribute to JB

 Andrej Margoč - Dvaja

 Iva Mrázková - Etreinte

 Lukáš Rais - Foot

Kongresové centrum

 Jörg Plickat - Remembrence of a desire

OD Kotva

 Iva Mrázková - Tree 

 Iva Mrázková - Feminité