1.1. — 31.12.2022
Sculpture Line
Olomouc 2022

Olomouc - historická metropole Moravy. Další ročník sochařského festivalu SCULPTURE LINE Vám představí sochy a výtvarné objekty předních domácích i mezinárodních tvůrců „pod širým nebem“, přímo v ulicích města.

Záměrem expozice je ozvláštnit a obohatit veřejný prostor, nabídnout nový pohled na Olomouc i na samotná umělecká díla, a to jak obyvatelům, tak i návštěvníkům města.

Zveme vás do ulic. Pojďte ven, vydejte se na cestu „sochařskou linkou“ a užijte si tuto unikátní výstavu nejen v Olomouci, ale i v dalších městech České republiky.


Galerie města Olomouce

Dolní nám. 194/7, 779 00 Olomouc


Jörg Plickat *1954


The work consists of three simple bodies that are connected to each other in such a way that a dynamic upward movement from horizontal to vertical is created. A block, a cube and a section of a circle are sufficient to create the impression of movement. The slightly offset arrangement and the implied rotation in the vertical form the basis of the dynamics.

Art Lines Olomouc Olomoucký kraj

Grapo Olomouc

Šlechtitelů 583/1, 779 00 Olomouc

One of the big heads

Kurt Gebauer *1941

Big heads or other heads like lightbulbs are my long-term topic. A human head is a mysterious object, it can glow with ideas, goodness and can be blocked by stupidity and aggression. By looking at them we can reflect on who we are. I've been making the heads since 1970s. Four of them (2 metres high) were showed in 2011 on the Jan Palach square, in 2013 in front of the National Library of Technology and at Landscape Festival in Prague. In 2016, some of them were destroyed by drunks in České Budějovice. It's all in our heads.

Art Lines Olomouc Olomoucký kraj Grapo Presbeton

Smetanovy sady

Rybník Smetanovy sady, Olomouc


Viktor Paluš *1987

A sculpture of the Large Yellow Octopus was created for no particular reason, for the pure joy of nonsense, in spite of probability; for the belief that large yellow octopuses exist; if only because they should exist.

Art Lines Olomouc Olomoucký kraj


Chválkovice, Olomouc


Marc Moser *1968

The origin of this artwork is an intuition. The sculpture reveals the polarities caused by a human being and his desire. It illustrates the dilemma and balancing act of conscious existence. Enlarged and modified hand tools interfere with common perception and create symbols for transition from an industrial to digital era. Avarice is a critical review of the greed of our commercial being.

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