1.1. — 31.12.2023
Sculpture Line
Olomouc 2023

Olomouc - historická metropole Moravy. Další ročník sochařského festivalu SCULPTURE LINE Vám představí sochy a výtvarné objekty předních domácích i mezinárodních tvůrců „pod širým nebem“, přímo v ulicích města.

Záměrem expozice je ozvláštnit a obohatit veřejný prostor, nabídnout nový pohled na Olomouc i na samotná umělecká díla, a to jak obyvatelům, tak i návštěvníkům města.

Zveme vás do ulic. Pojďte ven, vydejte se na cestu „sochařskou linkou“ a užijte si tuto unikátní výstavu nejen v Olomouci, ale i v dalších městech České republiky.


Archdiocesan Museum, 811 Wenceslas Square, Olomouc

Václavské náměstí 811, Olomouc


Antonín Kašpar *1954

This sculpture is the author's reminder of the thousand-year tradition of Christian culture in Europe and in our country.

The author uses his statue to remind us of what is so much needed today - the basic rules of interpersonal relations and decent behaviour of man towards man. All this is contained in the Ten Commandments.

The throne depicts the place that each of us has within us. A kind of imaginary pedestal on which we can place our ideas, desires, wishes, secret thoughts or even something we would like to say out loud or shout to the world, but we do not know how. Why a cross? The artist often uses this sign in his sculpture. As he says himself, in his conception it is not only a religious symbol, but he also understands it as a kind of basic point, which was created by intersecting two lines, as a representation of the expressions Ying and Yang, I - You, She - He, She - It, etc. This sculpture was created in 2016, and two years later the artist placed three relief inscriptions on it, three questioning sentences. This further pushed the possibilities of context and interpretation of the symbolism of this work. The sculptor leaves the understanding of these contexts to the perception and individuality of each of us.



Art Lines Olomouc Olomoucký kraj

Opletalova steet

Opletalova 1, Olomouc

Angels of the Seas

Michal Trpák *1982

Manta rays – noble majestic underwater creatures whose movement paradoxically resembles the flight of birds. Elegant dancers moving in the depths of indomitable oceans. Graceful curves intersecting one of the truly last wildernesses of the world. The world with which we are so interconnected and yet it is so remote from us and so unknown. And perhaps because of all these contrasts, fascinated by the robustness and fragility at the same time, I decided to expose this creature in a completely different environment, different perspective, in a completely different context. When walking beneath the angel wings, you can dream, unleash your imagination and get carried away to the ocean bottom or somewhere further away...

Art Lines Olomouc Olomoucký kraj

Grapo Olomouc

Šlechtitelů 583/1, 779 00 Olomouc

One of the big heads

Kurt Gebauer *1941

Big heads or other heads like lightbulbs are my long-term topic. A human head is a mysterious object, it can glow with ideas, goodness and can be blocked by stupidity and aggression. By looking at them we can reflect on who we are. I've been making the heads since 1970s. Four of them (2 metres high) were showed in 2011 on the Jan Palach square, in 2013 in front of the National Library of Technology and at Landscape Festival in Prague. In 2016, some of them were destroyed by drunks in České Budějovice. It's all in our heads.

Art Lines Olomouc Olomoucký kraj Grapo Presbeton

Smetanovy sady

Rybník Smetanovy sady, Olomouc


Viktor Paluš *1987

A sculpture of the Large Yellow Octopus was created for no particular reason, for the pure joy of nonsense, in spite of probability; for the belief that large yellow octopuses exist; if only because they should exist.

Art Lines Olomouc Olomoucký kraj

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