1.1. — 31.12.2023
Sculpture Line
Pomezí nad Ohří 2023

The town of Pomezí nad Ohří is participating in the current large-scale three-part exhibition "CONNECTIONS - VERBINDUNG" and is a contribution of the Kunstverein Hochfranken Selb e. V. together with the Goller Gallery to the Bavarian-Czech Friendship Weeks Selb-Ash 2023.


Church of St. James

Church of St. James

Chapel for rushing pedestrians

Václav Fiala *1955
granite, steel

The sculpture Chapel for the Hurrying Pedestrian belongs to a series of sculptures he calls sculpture-buildings. The statue should properly stand on the sidewalk in people's path so that they can or must pass between its walls. The inner space is made of two segments that embrace the body of the person. How that feels is for everyone to judge for themselves. Inside, the acoustics change, the eyes turn to the sky. and that is the moment of stopping in the daily rush.

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