Sculpture Line
Santa Maria 2020

With the unfortunate situation in the world currently doesn't permit free movement of individuals, it also makes the movement of sculptures more difficult, as their creators cannot be present when the sculptures are set up. As a result, more and more events, exhibitions and festivals are postponed or cancelled entirely. Through this challenge, we wish to overcome the current limitations and enable the artists to enter already installed sculptures into our Sculpture Line exhibition, so that even more people can see and enjoy them.


Universidade Federal de Santa Maria

Universidade Federal de Santa Maria

(DES) brotamentos

Catiuscia Bordin Dotto

Vitality. Energy that seduces the senses. Formal concerns that are expressively structured. They are born voluptuously in the (in?) Available space perceived by the sculptor's material and human sensibility. They make their places count. They occupy to be occupied too ... They make themselves seen in colors to point out to us what can be here and there ... They pierce the surroundings, sinuous and hieratic, like desires ... Legitimate and noisy in their silences eager for glances. Dating ... These and other qualities persist, generating significant overcoming and technical precision. With each glance received, what is shown is a natural and genuine property that is the source of procedural sincerity. Fruit of hard work, persistence and restlessness.

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