1.1. — 31.12.2019
Sculpture Line
Torino 2019

We are very proud to collaborate for the second time with Sculpture Line. 

In this fifth edition the exchange is on several fronts. In Prague, Scupture Line hosts the work by the Italian sculptor Paolo Grassino, in Turin we presented the site-specific installation by the German artist Johannes Pfeiffer and at Areacreativa42 in Rivarolo Canavese we proposed a ceramic artwork by the Italian artist Luca Freschi who also did an artist residence. 

Thanks to the energy, open-mindedness and determination of Ondrej Skarka, Director of the Festival and to the skills of Michal Gabriel, Artistic Director, the project grows year by year and leads to the planning of new projects and collaboration. 

The network is wide and for us it is a privilege to be part of it, hoping to host Czech sculptors in Italy.

Karin Reisová


LABDIA Architecture laboratory - Turin

Str. alla Villa Quiete, 2, 10131 Torino

Midsummer night's pentagram

Johannes Pfeiffer
fluorescent elastic threads

The artwork is a dialogue with the existing architecture. Once the artist has seen the architectural element of the place, he has transported it into his own imaginary and the iron and wood structure in situ has become the frame of a pentagram lying on three sides that shines losing itself in the circumstances like the notes of a song that are dispersed in the air.

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