1.1. — 31.12.2020
Sculpture Line
Tuttlingen 2020

With the unfortunate situation in the world currently doesn't permit free movement of individuals, it also makes the movement of sculptures more difficult, as their creators cannot be present when the sculptures are set up. As a result, more and more events, exhibitions and festivals are postponed or cancelled entirely. Through this challenge, we wish to overcome the current limitations and enable the artists to enter already installed sculptures into our Sculpture Line exhibition, so that even more people can see and enjoy them.



Donaugalerie Tuttlingen Germany


Johannes Pfeiffer
Wood, bitumen

In 2019 I started working on my art installation 'Waldlabyrinth' from 2003. And like that the monument got another signification. I covered the tree trunks with bitumen and made it so clear how human actions impair nature and sometimes suffocate. It is a rare example of the change in art objects in public spaces. A necessary change to do justice to the changing living conditions of humans. The tree trunks are a symbol of our time.

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