About us

Together with the Sculpture Line festival, we organize and arrange art exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad. We systematically and comprehensively support contemporary artists, represent them and take care of our clients' collections. We cooperate with domestic and foreign institutions and ensure the presentation of Czech artists on the international scene.

We take care of the artistic programme of the Art & Event gallery Černá labuť, where we have, among other things, presented English and Czech representatives of the artistic movement Stuckism in solo exhibitions.

We also cooperate with students of AVU and UMPRUM, the photography studio of UMPRUM and we organize exhibitions for their students in the Czech Republic (Prague, Pilsen, Broumov, Zlín...). At the time of the closure of these schools and their studios, we provided the students with gallery space for the possibility of their work. In cooperation with the Italian Areacreativa42 we provide students with residencies.


Would you like to cooperate?

Are you interested in some sculptures, would you like to involve your municipality / city in the festival, do you like our idea and want to become a partner of the festival or support us in any way, write to us.