Sculpture Line Javorník

Directly below the Devil's pulpits is a newly reconstructed dance hall called Georgshalle, in the past a very popular venue for various celebrations, balls and balls. Nowadays, the dance hall serves as a backdrop for tourists and presents the Rychlebské hory as a whole.

The Art Nouveau Dance Hall, which serves as a restaurant, dance hall and guesthouse (sources also refer to its style as Swiss), was built by Cardinal Georg (Jiří) Kopp, Bishop of Wroclaw, in 1906-1907 on the site of the already mentioned demolished steam sawmill. After Cardinal Kopp (1887-1914), who is also known in this country for founding the Vidnava seminary, the Dancing House got its name - Georgshalle. The bishopric obtained a concession for the restaurant and bar business on 17 December 1906.

The dancing hall was one of the famous places of excursion for the inhabitants of Javorník and the surrounding area.


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