Sculpture Line

The next SCULPTURE LINE festival will again introduce you to sculptures and art objects of leading home and international artists in the "open air" gallery. Czech and Moravian streets, squares and other public spaces will decorate dozens of fine art works of famous and young artists from both, czech and from abroad.

The purpose of the exhibition is to enhance and enrich the public space, to offer a new look to cities and to the works of art, both for the inhabitants and for the visitors.

We invite you to the streets. Join the Line, enjoy the Line!


Kopeckého sady

Kostelní, Broumov


Lukáš Rais *1975
welded iron

The work on sculptures dealing with this subject is endless in some ways, thus revealing even one of the mental essentials of the work. The rhythm and movement of sculpture material comes alive by the movement of the observer, which of course does not necessarily have to be physical. However, it is not desirable to discourage the observer from direct contact with the sculpture. The author recommends that you engage in the folds of the work, whether physically or internally, and enjoy the secret of “a certainty of never-ending uncertainty.”

Art Lines ČEZ PSN Plzeň Plzeň ÚMO 3

Kopeckého sady

Kopeckého Sady, Plzeň

Sculpture for Richard Serra

Václav Fiala *1955

I like to dedicate my sculptures to someone.
Very often to my favourite architects, writers, philosophers or poets. Other times to places, events or feelings and moods. I don't dedicate the sculptures to the sculptors. Perhaps the american sculptor Richard Serra will never know, that I dedicated the statue Hromada to him. I'm doing so with an admiration of the author, who via his work pointed out to me, that the statue except of its shape, material, colour etc. can also have another important characteristic - the weight. The weight of the statue can be as emotional as everything else. Also the manipulation with the object becomes a part of the sculpture. If we accept the weight as a characteristic of the sculpture, it stops being a burden and becomes a part of the experience.

Art Lines ČEZ PSN Plzeň ÚMO 3 Plzeň

Mlýnská strouha

Mlýnská strouha 301 00 Plzeň 3

Legs from water

Kurt Gebauer *1941
hard polyurethane

"It is probably known that female swimmers and other floating ladies are my life’s theme. Legs from water are something a bit different. It is a part of handstand visible above the water level and this is usually the most joyous expression of children and girls in water. Well, I also sometimes give it a try. This tomfoolery makes happy even those who watch it; and how to discover the joy also in places where girls usually do not bathe, or where they sometimes bathe but it’s just too cold for bathing at the moment? A sculpture can replace all sorts of people – dead poets, saints but also criminals. So why legs from water should not have a monument if they represent the symbol of the most important thing why we are here - the joy of life?"

Art Lines ČEZ PSN Plzeň ÚMO 3 Plzeň

4. ZŠ Plzeň

Kralovická 1695/2, Plzeň 1

Stump in the dark

Václav Fiala *1955

A piece of work from the Drawing in Space (Kresby v prostoru) cycle. The Stumps in the Dark are inspired by children‘s play – waving with a burning stump taken out of the fire. It is an attempt to record and transfer the movement of a hot stump in the dark into a material.

Art Lines ČEZ PSN Plzeň

InterCora, Rondel

Lochotínská 1108/18, Plzeň 1 — 49.75288, 13.37751


Alexandra Koláčková *1964
high - fired clay

Coloured glazed ceramics on a reinforced concrete shell. A utility ceramic sofa with organic shapes brings playfulness and optimism into a given public space. In the busy street full of hustle and bustle, the sculpture gives an impression of an island of peace and good cheer, a place where you can “recharge your batteries” with a brief rest.


InterCora, Rondel

Lochotínská 1108/18, Plzeň 1

Second hand

Alexandra Koláčková *1964
high-fired clay

Chairs for the city is a series of bright ceramic sofas and chairs installed in busy city streets for permanent or temporary periods of time. Stop for a moment at a random location in the street, sit down, touch the shiny smooth shapes, feel and enjoy the colours. Nestle down for a while and look around you or close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the street. Allow yourself to be present in
the moment.

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