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Dolní Břežany

Dolní Břežany is currently a modern, attractive place to live and has undergone a great transformation in recent years. The municipality has long been engaged in cultivating the public space and emphasizes architectural and urban aspects when implementing new projects. Last year an extensive reconstruction of the chateau area was completed. The chateau building has been completely renovated and now serves as a chateau hotel to the public. The chapel and part of the chateau park also underwent a comprehensive renovation. Representative and generous public spaces have been built in Dolní Břežany, which are gradually cultivated by art. There is a very interesting collection of contemporary sculptural art.


Dolní Břežany

Dolní Břežany, Keltský park

Sweet Dreams

Lukáš Rittstein *1973

Forest. Nostalgia for the vanishing wilderness. In a row of "parked" soft matter, they cling to horizontal trunks as the soul clings to the axis of its existence. At the same time, they carry their personal stories "on their backs". 

Art Lines ČEZ PSN Dolní Břežany

Clara Futura

5. května 1, 252 41 Dolní Břežany


Antonín Kašpar *1954

This sculpture is the author's reminder of the millennial tradition of Christian culture in Europe and our country. The author reminds us what is so much needed today - the basic rules of personal relationships and decent human behavior. All this is written in the Ten Commandments. Antonín Kašpar says: Many people, under the term culture, represent only art as such. But culture in the true sense of the word is also how we behave, how we express ourselves, how we raise our children and, last but not least, what remains here as a message to future generations. The purpose of my sculptures is for a perceptive viewer to think about these things when looking at them. Therefore, the size, height of these sculptures is so important. Climb or sit under this THRONE and you will immediately understand where your place is and how ridiculous it is to raise and emphasize your own importance.

Art Lines ČEZ PSN Dolní Břežany

Dolní Břežany

Pražská 636, Dolní Břežany — 49.96341, 14.45851


Jan Dostál *1992

The author focused on the space and size of the object in space. A scale chosen for Hyena allows the viewer to perceive the object as a whole, and, at the same time, at a closer look the viewer is forced
to perceive individual segments and parts of the sculpture. Its openness offers insight into the interior
of the object. The sculpture tries to capture the ferocity of hyenas as accurately as possible with metal. An organic form of a living hyena is transferred into a geometric form of the sculpture while enlarging the animal’s proportions. Complex structures that create individual parts of the animal’s body are gradually composed of the 2D parts. The resulting sculpture takes advantage of the distribution of light and shade on metal surfaces, and using its nuances it creates the overall spatial volume.


Dolní Břežany

Náměstí na Sádkách, Dolní Břežany — 49.96467, 14.45286

Corpus Angelicus

Stefan Milkov *1955
cast iron

“I created the sculpture called “Corpus Angelicus“ as a part of an exhibition of the same name which I had at Prague Castle in 1997. An angel is a constant theme for me, this mysterious being is actually present in all religions. It is a sort of a positive, ecumenical symbol and I am enticed to shape it and give it various forms and constantly retransform it. An angel has probably never been seen before but we may believe that it exists in some form and this always stirs my imagination. That is why “Corpus Angelicus“, a sculpture made of robust cast steel, in contrast to the notion of a totally unknown and elusive ethereal being. A sort of shell of the Angel, it can be understood like this. But I leave it to the viewer. I am glad that the object be installed in Břežany near the monastery and I hope that it will give joy to the citizens and maybe also a reason to pause and think.”


Dolní Břežany

Náměstí Na Sádkách, Dolní Břežany — 49.96467, 14.45859


Alexandra Koláčková *1964
high - fired clay

Coloured glazed ceramics on a reinforced concrete shell. This is a new approach to street furniture. An unconventionally conceived utility sculpture is an inspiration for both architects and city councillors. A ceramic chair does not look dull and it is not a serial product, either. Thanks to its rounded shapes it is playful and original, and rightfully attracts the attention of passers-by.

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