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Mikulov is situated in the very heart of a wine region, that is why it also offers vine paths with stops in local public or family wine cellars or wine tasting centres. When talking about wine festivals in the Mikulov region everybody will in the first place remember the traditional Pálava vine harvest and wine festival, held over the second weekend in September in all lanes and corners of the town.

Please come and see the enchanting nature of the Mikulov region, enjoy the unique beauty of the local historical monuments congenially set in the landscape, together with the unrivalled taste of the local wine, get to know your own body and enjoy the freedom of movement on the ground, in the water or in the air, in short enjoy life in all its varied forms while you are here…



Mikulov, Republikánské obrany

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Kurt Gebauer *1941
Concrete, steel

From the author's series of reinforced concrete objects there is also a statue located in the lower part of the town of Mikulov. It is a 17,5t object, which the sculptor created mainly during the Mikulov art symposium "workshop".

The artist dug a form into the ground, into which all the different layers of the compacted demolished original buildings found here have been cut. He reinforced this mould with reinforced concrete and cast the object, which, after subsequent removal and installation next to the original mould, he added metal elements. These elements complete the upper part of the work.

Despite its abstract form, the sculpture has a very concrete form as a result of working with space and creates a dialogue with another work from the late 1980s.

The artist himself anticipates that the surrounding trees will gradually outgrow the sculpture and that the weathering of the concrete over many years will reveal the new morphology of the work and its form.

This reasoning, counting on the effect of the work on the individual for more than a century, is close to Lipavský's heart. He always creates works in concrete so that the transformation of the object is part of the original concept and the chosen technology.

Art Lines PSN Mikulov - Dílna


Castle Mikulov


Kurt Gebauer *1941

The metal structure made of steel, roxors, vinglons and rods represents an abstracted figure with clasped hands. Entitled 'Joy', its current appearance is not the final and fixed form of this work.

The sculpture, which belongs to the artist's "Bezva úča" series, was created for a specific place, the upper gallery of Mikulov Castle.

"Joy" is built here for direct communication with the Holy Hill, which is viewed through the passage between the different parts of the castle.

This spatial object is designed to be subject to surface corrosion and at the same time to serve as a support structure for a plant - a liana - that will grow through it and gradually fill it in.

The work was created and installed as part of the 29th Mikulov Art Symposium "Workshop".

Art Lines PSN Mikulov - Dílna

Park Franze from Sonnenfelse

Mikulov, Park Franze von Sonnenfelse


Kurt Gebauer *1941

The sculpture from the "Trumpet" series by sculptor Kurt Gebauer combines a walking figure and an extremely strong warning. Internally, the artist calls it "Adolf Putin" and in the Franz von Sonnenfels Park in Mikulov he has placed it exactly on the east-west axis so that this blunt and forceful figure walks from the east. From a place from which evil and violence are now pouring down on Europe.

The sculptor Gebauer thus gives his work, a statue belonging to a wide series of various figures, a global context that goes beyond the statue as an object, its aesthetics and its form.

The work was created as part of the 29th edition of the Mikulov Art Symposium "workshop".

Art Lines PSN Mikulov - Dílna

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