Simona Krausová


Creates under the pseudonym SIKRA.

She studied sculpture at AVU under the guidance of Jaroslav Rón and Lukáš Rittstein.
In her work, she mainly deals with archetypal motifs, symbols and images that are hidden in consciousness, she is captivated by the dark side of ourselves.

The author does not stick only to the concept of the statue as a classical object, but also creates masks, costumes and performances as well as land art installations. He uses various materials, he works mainly with leather, but also uses resins, thermoplastics, concrete or iron.

He presents his work in a different field than the classic galleries (e.g. Avantgarda Munich). Nevertheless, in 2021 she exhibited as part of the Vanitas exhibition at DOX, or in 2016 and 2018 at the Klenová Gallery.