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Reifnitz am Wörthersee


Reifnitz am Wörthersee

Reifnitz am Wörthersee, Austria


Katharina Mörth

„In my world view, there is a vast outer region as well as a vast inner region, and man stands between the two turning to one or the other and, according to his temperament and disposition, considering one or the other the absolute truth and thus denying or sacrificing one for the other”. (Carl Gustav Jung) This idea inspired the creation of “cocoons”. In many cultures, the chrysalis serves as a symbol for transformation, a metaphor for a vulnerable, solitary state of being on the cusp of a new stage of maturity. Puppenhülle is made from a big block of Krastaler marble. An abstract sculpture where you can see a lot of figurative elements if you look closeley.

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