Celebrating the 10th birthday of the Sculpture Line project.

2024 Event

And you can't imagine a more beautiful place to commemorate this milestone than Prague's BASTION PRAGUE RESTAURANT. Here we have newly installed works by Jan Kaplický and Jakub Flejsar, which you can see during the day.

It would take a long list to thank everyone who has supported us over the years. Nevertheless, we would like to express our gratitude in this way. Whether you are one of our partners, participating artists or fans, we couldn't be here without all of you. Over the course of a decade, Sculpture Line has transformed from a Prague festival into a year-round international project. People in 84 cities from 23 different countries have already encountered the installations in public spaces, and more are still being added. Incredible numbers, thank you.


Would you like to cooperate?

Are you interested in some sculptures, would you like to involve your municipality / city in the festival, do you like our idea and want to become a partner of the festival or support us in any way, write to us.