SPIRAL in the CREA Cantieri del Contemporaneo


Spiral by Alexandra Koláčková complements the exhibition of British and Czech stuckists STUCK.IN | VENICE.
Ella Guru, Paul Harvey, Jiří Hauschka, Joe Machine, Charles Thomson, Markéta Urbanová, Jaroslav Valečka.

The shape of the spiral has fascinated me in nature since I was a child, without knowing anything about the symbolic meaning people have always attached to it. When I think about it, I often intuitively think of something to draw or model, and then only realize the inner connections. Usually when someone asks me about the source of my inspiration.

The spiraling shells are not only beautiful, but mysterious and inspiring. Their natural beauty and grandeur evoke a sense of humility and wonder at the infinite creative power of nature. That is why it has also become a symbol of the ever-recurring events in nature, on our planet and in the universe. In the same way, the spiral is seen as a symbol of spiritual growth and fulfilment in life, symbolizing the mysterious journey into one's own inner self. It can also be an energy radiator or a protective talisman. In magical practice, the spiral, especially the right-hand spiral, supports the effort to make our wishes become reality. And I like this idea. I put my personal wish in it too.

In my rendition, it couldn't be other than cheerfully colorful and irregularly regular

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