Tour of the works of art associated with the Automotive Jewels event


The Golf Hostivař Gallery has been one of our partners for several years and you can currently see several exhibited installations.

In the complex you will find works such as Včelín by Martin Rajniš, Anuloid and Archimedon by Lukáš Rais and The Fall by Stanislav Kolíbal. If you would like to see these and other works, you can combine your visit with the Automotive Jewels event, which will take place on Saturday 27 April. It will feature dozens of rare historic cars and motorcycles. The programme will also include an accompanying programme for the whole family.

As partners of the event, we have an extra special offer for you. Just use the promo code 4PROMOKLENOTY2024 when you buy tickets online and pay only 50% of the ticket price on the spot. To buy tickets, visit the website:


Would you like to cooperate?

Are you interested in some sculptures, would you like to involve your municipality / city in the festival, do you like our idea and want to become a partner of the festival or support us in any way, write to us.