Sculpture Line
Govone 2020

With the unfortunate situation in the world currently doesn't permit free movement of individuals, it also makes the movement of sculptures more difficult, as their creators cannot be present when the sculptures are set up. As a result, more and more events, exhibitions and festivals are postponed or cancelled entirely. Through this challenge, we wish to overcome the current limitations and enable the artists to enter already installed sculptures into our Sculpture Line exhibition, so that even more people can see and enjoy them.


Art&wine Foundation

Art&wine Foundation - Govone (Cuneo) Italy

Nuova meteora

Riccardo Cordero *1942
Corten steel

The dynamicity of the shape seems to lock all the energies coming from it in order not to disperse them in the void. Every structural movement is conceived as a concentration path of mind and body which discover again the mutual need to proceed dialectically towards the total synthesis of the involved elements. Looking at some works dedicated to the symbolic figure of the "meteor" it senses that the dialectic between weight and lightness develops by joining the straight lines and the curvatures which incorporate the coordinate becoming of the rotating shape, real and proper architectonic place where intuitive geometry and sudden ruptures return the hardcore complexity of the primary structure...Adapted from a text by Claudio Cerritelli

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