Sculpture Line
Liberec 2019

The purpose of the exhibition is to enhance and enrich the public space, to offer a new look to cities and to the works of art, both for the inhabitants and for the visitors.

We invite you to the streets. Join the Line, enjoy the Line!


Oblastní galerie Liberec

Masarykova 723/14, 460 01 Liberec


Tomáš Medek *1969

Tomáš Medek has been intensively engaged in 3D technologies over the last ten years, such as FDM Rapid Prototyping and 3D Digitization and Measurement. In other words, 3D spatial technology and 3D scanning, which enable him to create the most complex structural objects that are virtually unrealizable without these methods. The resulting works are mostly made of composite material or ABS plastic. The central theme of his present work is organic structures. The artist’s inspiration is nature, natural processes and laws, the biological structure of life and the constructive elements in the construction of organisms. Objects are multiplied, interconnected,
deformed and transformed into organic structures in search for bonds, connections and tensions. They look into the interior and uncover inner worlds, views and intersections. He gradually creates a cycle of objects that carries the working name of Fruit. Some implementations are cast into bronze (see the Capsule), although due to their complexity, their casting is a very demanding process requiring specialized technology. This creates unique and formally diverse artistic objects with perfect craftsmanship and a sophisticated concept.