1.1. — 31.12.2021
Sculpture Line
Milano 2021



Parco Balossa, Via Balossa

Parco Balossa

Prono - Gigantino del Balossa

Alessandro Pongan
iron construction tubes and joints, climbing plants

Winner of the Arte Balossa art prize 2018. “Parco Balossa" is a piece of nature that strenuously resisted building assault in the northern outskirts of Milan, Italy. Now is a public park. The installation consists in an anthropomorphic landmark, symbol of resilience, a guardian inspired by the mysterious giants of Isla de Pascua, and the Japanese UFO-Robots. A gentle giant, and a refuge for birds, the Prono. A structure of recycled construction tubes and joints surrounded by climbing plants. The nature that takes possession of human artifacts. The plant specie was chosen for its chromatic properties as it changes color following the course of the seasons. The Prono is an archetype that recurs in Alessandro Pongan’s work. Its four-legged position also echoes the first movements of babies.

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