13.6. — 30.9.2018
Sculpture Line
Pardubice 2018

The next SCULPTURE LINE festival will again introduce you to sculptures and art objects of leading home and international artists in the "open air" gallery. Sculpture Line will cross the border of the metropolis and will lead to about ten cities throughout the country this year. From 13th June to 30th September, Czech and Moravian streets, squares and other public spaces will decorate dozens of fine art works of famous and young artists from both, czech and from abroad.

The purpose of the exhibition is to enhance and enrich the public space, to offer a new look to cities and to the works of art, both for the inhabitants and for the visitors.

We invite you to the streets. Join the Line, enjoy the Line!


Fountain by railway station

Palackého třída 1233, Pardubice


Michal Gabriel *1960

The blue figures of the Explorers are once again floating above the water surface, this time in Pardubice. Sometimes people ask me about the colour of these statues. This particular blue colour has a brand name Pool Blue, i.e. the colour of the pools, but it is also the colour of the sky. And I have recently realized that this is the colour of information boards on motorways, as well. I once discovered its non-intense contrast in the landscape thanks to a small sculpture. The light blue sculpture would pull the colour of the sky down to the ground, and thus I let my several other sculptures do the same. The blue Explorers, quite simple in terms of drawing, are among them.

Ministerstvo kultury ČR Pardubice PSN Pardubický kraj Art Lines Letiště Pardubice Městské služby Pardubice

Palackého street

roh Palackého tř. a Havlíčkovy ulice, Pardubice


Jakub Flejšar *1980

A horse is the most common animal to be displayed in the classic sculpture. On the memorials of the famous military leaders he is put on the same level. This is not only because of his importance in the fight, but also because of his shape, beauty, statue, movement and energy. Put all of this into a still sculpture was  for me a great challenge, which brought me closer to my predecessors (Josef Václav Myslbek, Bohumil Kafka and others).

Ministerstvo kultury ČR Pardubice PSN Art Lines Gebrüder Weiss Městské služby Pardubice Pardubický kraj Letiště Pardubice

Machoňova passage

Machoňova pasáž, Pardubice


Michal Gabriel *1960

It is the third horse from the sculpture called Rider. I finished the whole sculpture in fibreglass castings a few years ago. It consists of three horse statues and one horse with a rider. In order to be able to exhibit the sculpture in the exterior, I gradually began to cast the statues in bronze. During that time I have exhibited the statues separately. I hope to see it once exhibited as a whole, for example in one of the Czech towns, possibly as part of the Sculpture Line festival. However, I am not in a hurry and I rejoice even in seeing individual horses exhibited.

Ministerstvo kultury ČR Pardubice PSN Pardubický kraj Art Lines Letiště Pardubice Městské služby Pardubice

Třída Míru

tř. Míru, Pardubice

Great Missionary

Jaroslav Koléšek *1974

The Great Missionary is an expressive encounter of natural, human and technical space. In terms of form, it is a sculptural and stylized body of a helicopter with a flagellate and vividly moving tail, symbolizing a bearer of information. The statue is a reference to missions, whether military or civil, about which we do not know yet whether they bring a threat or rescue. The sculpture is also a place of conflict and also a merge of principles representing the origin and end of life – the mutual interconnection. The active space of the sculpture is a land – target, as the ancient origin, into which a human being, bringing enlivening, settlement, but also disturbance, is implanted. The sculpture can symbolize the forces that transform the living space, which is achieved mainly by internal tension based on the use of parallels and contrasts between technical a nd organic morphology.

Ministerstvo kultury ČR Pardubice PSN Art Lines Pardubický kraj Gebrüder Weiss Letiště Pardubice Městské služby Pardubice

Park Na Špici

Park Na Špici, Pardubice

Compact Disk

Stefan Milkov *1955

The statue originated in 2010 as a reaction to the disturbing and growing dependence humans have on electronics. No matter how a person attempts to “ground” themselves at the roots of their existence (a mighty hand pointing to the ground), it seems that technologis and dependence on them paradoxically hinder them (his hand in the form of a disk), while the first plan is a statue that acts as a celebration of the ancient Greek sculpture, that is, as a celebration of humankind.Com

Ministerstvo kultury ČR Pardubice PSN Art Lines Pardubický kraj Gebrüder Weiss Letiště Pardubice Městské služby Pardubice

Pardubice Airport

Pražská 179, Pardubice


Stefan Milkov *1955

The sculpture Adam is the hunch of a new being. It reflects on the question of what is going to be the destiny of our civilization which relies on the development and improvement of artificial intelligence that is actually supposed to replace human beings in the end.  

Ministerstvo kultury ČR Pardubice PSN Letiště Pardubice Art Lines Pardubický kraj

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