1.6. — 30.9.2017
Sculpture Line
Plzen 2017

1. 6. - 30. 9. 2017

The open-air exhibition project Sculpture Line is a unique opportunity to present sculptures and art objects to both citizens and visitors of the Czech city Plzeň in an attractive setting. Plzeň itself provides the best exhibition place, be it frequented areas or less-expected locations, both in the centre and outskirts of the city. Works of art by leading local & international artists interact directly with the city and invite you for a walk of discovery. The aim of the festival is to enrich the public space, offer a new view of the architectural context and, hopefully, become a new tradition. We invite you to take to the streets where art awaits you.
Join the Line, enjoy the Line!


InterCora, Rondel

Lochotínská 1108/18, Plzeň 1


Alexandra Koláčková *1964
high-fired clay

Coloured glazed ceramics on a reinforced concrete shell. A utility ceramic sofa with organic shapes brings playfulness and optimism into a given public space. In the busy street full of hustle and bustle, the sculpture gives an impression of an island of peace and good cheer, a place where you can “recharge your batteries” with a brief rest.


Divadlo J.K. Tyla

Palackého náměstí 2971/30, Plzeň


Michal Trpák *1982

An object on the border between a statue and utility sculpture, inviting you to stop and have a dialogue with a statue, a place, a man. Different people, different opinions. Sometimes it is nice just to slow down, sit down and find a bridge towards each other.


Techmania Science Centre

U Planetária 2969/1, Plzeň

Angels of the Seas

Michal Trpák *1982

Manta rays – noble majestic underwater creatures whose movement paradoxically resembles the flight
of birds. Elegant dancers moving in the depths of indomitable oceans. Graceful curves intersecting one
of the truly last wildernesses of the world. The world with which we are so interconnected and yet it is
so remote and so unknown. And perhaps because of all these contrasts, fascinated by the robustness and fragility at the same time, I decided to expose this creature in a completely different environment, different perspective, in a completely different context. When walking beneath the angel wings, you can dream, unleash your imagination and get carried away to the ocean bottom or somewhere further away..


Hotel Golden Fish

U Borského parku 27, Plzeň


Lukáš Rais *1975
welded iron

The “Ring“ sculpture is part of the author‘s “Metamorfloris“ series which has been the focus of his fairly intensive work for the past several years. His inspiration by nature and its laws is apparent at the first glance, and it is still evident even at the twenty-second glance. The scale of the sculpture allows, or maybe even requires direct physical contact, allowing visitors to enter the space in the central area – which may or may not be there, depending on your point of view. The “enflowerment of the material“ is the author‘s not entirely apt linguistic attempt to define his state of mind during creation. It is, however, still the term closest to what he intended to convey through the material itself. Other than that, the author specifically encourages spectators and exhibition visitors to sit on, crawl through or even directly stroke the sculpture – as a sort of temporal excursion back to the times of shorts and playgrounds.


Kopeckého sady

Kopeckého sady, Plzeň


Michal Gabriel *1960

The bronze Horse in the Pilsen park is in its very first place in the public space. It travelled to the park straight from a foundry. It is the third horse from the sculpture called Rider. I finished the whole sculpture in fibreglass castings a few years ago. It consists of three horse statues and one horse with
a rider. In order to be able to exhibit the sculpture even in the exterior, I gradually began to cast the statues in bronze. During that time I have exhibited the statues separately. I hope to see it once exhibited as a whole, for example in one of the Czech towns within the Sculpture Line. However, I am
not in a hurry and I also rejoice in individual horses.


ul. B. Smetany

ul. B. Smetany 1, Plzeň


Veronika Kudláčková Psotková *1981
woven wire net

Connection“ is an object whose natural component is the environment in which it is installed and which complements its meaning. A human being is a direct reflection of the background, society, and landscape shaping him. It is displayed using a visual and sculpture-specific airy form of spatial drawing.


Mlýnská strouha

Mlýnská strouha, Plzeň


Michal Gabriel *1960

The blue figures of the Explorers are once again floating above the water surface, this time in Pilsen.
Sometimes people ask me about the colour of these statues. The blue colour has a brand name Pool Blue, i.e. the colour of the pools, but also of the sky. I have recently realized that this is the colour of information boards on motorways. I once discovered its non-intense contrast in the landscape thanks to a small sculpture. The light blue sculpture then pulled the colour of the sky down to the ground, and thus I let my several other sculptures to do the same. The blue Explorers, quite simple in terms of drawing, are among them.


Sady 5. května

Sady 5. května, Plzeň


Jaroslav Chramosta *1978

Regarding the form and size, the primary inspiration for the installation emerged from Megalodon, a prehistoric shark. The author himself perceives the object as a shape archetype that can be found throughout the animal and plant world. Location in the pool induces stress and uncertainty (what is
happening beneath the surface?), adding dynamics to the statue. Superficially clear shape takes on
many forms, including the night one, and provokes the imagination of viewers passing by.


Starý Plzenec

Masarykovo náměstí, Starý Plzenec

Sitting figure

Alexandra Koláčková *1964
high-fired clay

The first impulse of this realization was an intention to complement an intimate place of a private garden with a seating with sculpture. A bench in the form of a stylized woman has been created and
you can nestle down with a book in her arms or sit down face to face to a close person in a confidential conversation. By being placed in the public space in Starý Plzenec, the statue has gained another meaning that is firmly embedded in my work: acting as an island to enliven the street that you usually just pass through, as an opportunity for a short stop enriched with unexpected aesthetic perception, and as a means of rest, now with a view of a local landmark on the horizon.

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