Sculpture Line
rehau 2023

1.1. — 31.12.2023

The town of Rehau is participating in the current large-scale three-part exhibition "CONNECTIONS - VERBINDUNG" and is a contribution of the Kunstverein Hochfranken Selb e. V. together with the Goller Gallery to the Bavarian-Czech Friendship Weeks Selb-Ash 2023.



Václav Fiala (*1955)

Rehau, Bahnhof Am Bahnhof, Rehau
At the Station Square in Rehau we encounter a work that the author himself classifies as one of his "industrial sculptures". It is called "Motors" and dates from the year 2016 and fits perfectly with the industrial city of Rehau, especially with the the unmistakable factory buildings in the background. Its dimensions are 2.20 x 3.10 m and a height of 2.50 m, and a weight of 3 t. She doesn't really need a big interpretations. Electric motors as the driving force of various manufacturing industries in the past in the past are commonplace. Recently, they have been discovered as an environmentally friendly propulsion for road vehicles. The motors often were not and are not in a clean state, because they deposit manufacturing contaminants on the outside and the inside lubricating grease is squeezed out of the inside. The engines here are refined - not to say "refined". Not only are they cleaned. They're also covered in paint. This makes them far from their original purpose. But that doesn't harm our awareness and of what they've done in their past, where and wherever they've gone they have been of use. The massive base that supports them on one side on the one hand provides support, but it can also be interpreted as a means of to control and tame them, to harness the energy and power that comes from of the engines does not get out of control and become unbridled and a danger to people. The engines are, after all, servants to facilitate and enable to carry out activities. The action of this sculpture is quite different from when you see it in a museum, in a gallery. Here, around the railway and in the near the factories, we perceive it more vividly, certainly not sterile... Hans-Joachim Goller
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