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Sculpture Line
Zbraslav 2019

The city district of Prague - Zbraslav is situated at the confluence of the Vltava and Berounka rivers on the southern outskirts of Prague. Before Zbraslav was annexed to Prague in 1974, was an independent city bearing the name - Zbraslav nad Vltavou. After joining Prague, Zbraslav was part of Prague 5, today it is a separate city district.


Sluneční park, Zbraslav

Jaromíra Vejvody 1400, 156 00 Praha-Zbraslav

Sitting figure

Alexandra Koláčková *1964
high-fired clay

The first impulse of this realization was an intention to complement an intimate place of a private garden with a seating with sculpture. A bench in the form of a stylized woman has been created and you can nestle down with a book in her arms or sit down face to face to a close person in a confidential conversation. By being placed in the public space, the statue has gained another meaning that is firmly embedded in my work: acting as an island to inliven the street that you usually just pass through, as an opportunity for a short stop enriched with unexpected aesthetic perception, and as a means of rest.

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