Thickness of Loneliness


The once affable organicity, present in my works, is emphasized here in textures; shapes that continue to imply a female figure which, in turn, is a hybrid between flora and fauna. The greatest importance is in the occupation of space, in giving up the base, in the “roots” that develop through the air and that will soon occupy the entire space. In biology, the root is the first element to emerge after seed germination: it has the function of bringing the plant to the soil through its spectacular tangles. In the sculpture, this entangled presence that refers to a root, anchoring it to the ground, assumes being: feminine, dreamlike, autonomous, somber ... abandons, in certain aspects, the sensuality of before, to assume a not so affable figure , who feels the thickness of his loneliness.

Catiuscia Bordin Dotto

Catiuscia Dotto is a sculptor and Professor of Arts at the Federal Institute of Education. He participated in several sculpture symposia, having works in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Egypt, Bolivia and Uruguay. Her work in sculpture investigates the feminine symbolic in symbiosis with the organicity of the forms she perceives in nature.

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