The Moonlight Plays in Two Worlds


Rainer Fest

"Rainer Fest's sculptures are unusual in character. Within the multiple contexts of contemporary artistic expression, they occupy a very singular position, on the ground that has been won from personal experiences, rather than standing in debt to art-historical knowledge and least of all to an orientation towards the market. Rainer Fest is one of those solitary artists who work from an inner passion which is spiritual in natur." (Katrin Arrieta) "The central idea around which Rainer Fest's work revolves is connection. This theme is carried through the whole of his oeuvre. He works with the ostensibly incompatible and searches for the spaces between opposites, for representations of the not-visible, for hidden unities, since opposite poles do always belong together somehow, such as negative and positive, matter and spirit, the here-and-now and the world beyond, life and death."
(Sigrun Angermann)
Born in Berlin in 1953. Studied in Kiel, Finland, Bremen and Madrid, international
exhibition activities since 1986.

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