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Concrete steel

From the author's series of reinforced concrete objects there is also a statue located in the lower part of the town of Mikulov. It is a 17,5t object, which the sculptor created mainly during the Mikulov art symposium "workshop".

The artist dug a form into the ground, into which all the different layers of the compacted demolished original buildings found here have been cut. He reinforced this mould with reinforced concrete and cast the object, which, after subsequent removal and installation next to the original mould, he added metal elements. These elements complete the upper part of the work.

Despite its abstract form, the sculpture has a very concrete form as a result of working with space and creates a dialogue with another work from the late 1980s.

The artist himself anticipates that the surrounding trees will gradually outgrow the sculpture and that the weathering of the concrete over many years will reveal the new morphology of the work and its form.

This reasoning, counting on the effect of the work on the individual for more than a century, is close to Lipavský's heart. He always creates works in concrete so that the transformation of the object is part of the original concept and the chosen technology.

The work was created and installed as part of the 29th Mikulov Art Symposium "Workshop".

Jakub Lipavský


Jakub Lipavský (1976), a sculptor of not only land interventions, graduated from the studio of Jindřich Zeithammel at the Academy. His free work can be divided into several coherent categories. Be it guerrilla crosses and divine torments scattered across the landscape, ponds made of wires representing the space above and below the water, polychrome objects internally called "Bonbons" and last but not least, reinforced concrete objects composed in nature.

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