In the shade of trees

stainless steel

Monumental sculpture installed in the desert sculpture park of Minqin, China. 8 meters high, made in stainless steel.

Nicolas Bertoux

Nicolas Bertoux. French artist, sculptor, interior architect, designer.
He has realized many public and private monumental projects in France, Italy, Denmatk, Taiwan, China, Korea...
His main medium is marble, but he also use concrete, granite, steel, wood, cardboard, and polyester to realize his projects. originally based in France, in Paris, he moved to Italy and installed his studio in an historical building in Tuscany, an old marble cutting factory located between Carrara and Pietrasanta, in the middle of the marble quarries.
His most famous works are located in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, in the Ministry of Transportation in Taipei, in the Fine Arts Museum in Kaohshiung, in the Corporate Avenue Building in Shanghai... and many private owned buildings

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