woven wire mash

„Euphoria“ is a gentle symbol of the closest connection between a woman and a child (between me
and my daughters) as well as the symbol of being on the same wavelength of shared well-being. It is
a capture of a brief, passing, but intense learning of new life. It is displayed using a visual and sculpturespecific airy form of spatial drawing.

Veronika Kudláčková Psotková


Veronika Kudláčková Psotková graduated from the Sculpture studio I (prof. Michal Gabriel) at FaVU VUT in Brno. She also studied mathematics and fine arts at Faculty of Pedagogy in Olomouc. Veronika has held a number of solo and group exhibitions, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. I public space, you will mostly find her signature realistic sculptures from artificial stone or her stylized site-specific installations of wire figures.


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