Either everyone or no one


Jiří David

The work of Jiří David shows a clear inclination towards the fragmentarization of the painted surface, the use of symbols, the exploitation of medial, existential, intimate, horrifying, historical, artistic, banal, and vulgar images of the world. At the same time, everything is combined and interconnected, meanings are multiplied, disappear, wander. David’s approach to art grew out of the postmodern discourse, which in its fragmentarization reflected diverse layers of the present. Over the years, his work has diversified into numerous techniques and approaches. Besides paintings and drawings, he also works with photography and creates objects and installations – and more recently, also glass vases. In any medium, the result is almost always a convincing Davidesque aesthetitc that tries to warp or empty established rules of “beauty” while also, in a paradoxical dichotomy, aesthetically reinforcing them.


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