King Kong Balls


... King Kong’s Balls, the Gaze of a King, the Royal Pause for the gallery... Between Conceit and indifference, a certain idea of freedom cast in bronze... Sculpt and let the sculpture speak for itself... 

... Those who will see nothing but its attributes will have seen nothing, understood nothing... A grand show to bug the ‘right-minded’... to deceive fools... A half-smile...

... The coarse illusion of an impudent Monkey... The taunt of Kong to set the art-fair “cheetahs’” tongues wagging, for all the masturbatory bonobos to cop complexes.... His balls out in the open like coconuts thrown in the faces of conformism.

... The calm resistance of an untamed Monkey... His gaze is elsewhere... Far from the human menagerie, from this narrow-minded world... Far from this brash theatre, this crass comedy...  

... The Kong has a dream... A paradise lost... With no cage and no master... Freedom at the foot of My Tree ... A laugh that we cannot hear... His balls like gongs to summon the Great Awakening...  

Denis Defrancesco


Denis Defrancesco is a French artist born on 28 June 1954. He lives and works between Prague, Budapest and Aix-en-Provence. 


A Multifaceted Artist


Self-taught, atypical, and iconoclastic, Denis Defrancesco uses a whole range of techniques and materials to give form to his ideas, fantasies, and anxieties. 

A great ape in bronze, a giant plexiglass rabbit, a blow-up doll made of marble, a plastic Obama, a steel machine for slicing memories, a urinal in oil paint... He keeps giving the world his own twist, transfiguring reality to tell us stories: a childhood fear, a teenage memory, a passionate loveaffair, time fleeting, the body declining, death lurking. It is pop, electric, often bold, and always free. 

His work, both carnal and scientific, blends bronze with marble, paint with plexiglass, steel with plastic. He likes nothing more than mixing genres and spurning styles. 

Denis Defrancesco is an exalted introvert, an exhibitionist full of modesty, who creates an eclectic, surprising, insolent, and personal body of work with his monumental sculptures, 3-D paintings, and metamorphosised idols. 

A text accompanies each of his sculptures and paintings, like the key to a specific story.


His First Exhibition


At the GAA Foundation, in Venice, during the 2017 Viva Arte Viva Biennale. The most striking collateral event of the festival, according to the organisers



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