The form that yearns to translate a symbolic feminine seeks its sinuosity in the forms of nature. Sculpture is a body that seeks to anchor itself in space. It embodies its existence by proposing tensions between a colored epidermis with a dark, pointed interior, inviting and limiting, in the same body, the act of touching. Finally, it seeks to integrate itself in this environment for which it was designed: it vibrates with the intensity of its color contrasts with the earthy and dark forest that it inhabits; it wants to be life sprouting at the same time that it intends to integrate itself in the whole and be part of that nature that surrounds it. 

Catiuscia Bordin Dotto

Catiuscia Dotto is a sculptor and Professor of Arts at the Federal Institute of Education. He participated in several sculpture symposia, having works in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Egypt, Bolivia and Uruguay. Her work in sculpture investigates the feminine symbolic in symbiosis with the organicity of the forms she perceives in nature.

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